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Skyward Treatment Drug Rehabilitation IOP Center has achieved
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The Joint Commission.

Achieving accreditation and/or certification means that our staff has made an extra effort to review and improve the key areas that can affect the quality and safety of the care our patients receive.

bring your dogs and cats to our rehab

Dogs & Cats Pet Friendly Alcohol Addiction Treatment Clinic

Skyward Treatment Drug Rehabilitation IOP Center is the regions newest, Joint Commission accredited center for treatment of addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis for adult men and women that allows you to bring your best friends dogs or cats.

Our detox treatment and alcohol rehab programs entails an evidenced-based, individualized approach with a strong, core foundation and each location has specialties to accompany the different needs clients may experience in their road to recovery. We aim to help treat you in your rehabilitation needs with alcohol, consumption, pills, or drugs. We provide structure and support from a comprehensive, evidenced-based treatment model with highly qualified clinical experts from Sugar Land Texas.

Our Fully Staffed Residential Alcohol Rehab Detox Center

Our focus is on creating empowerment for each client and providing tools that foster growth mentally, physically, and spiritually. We support the 12-Step process of drug and alcohol addiction as well as alternative methods that complement the holistic approach. In addition, each client will participate in group therapy, individual sessions, family therapy, relapse prevention, and offered aftercare to further support the growth and recovery process. We also encourage you to bring your dogs and cats to keep your solid companionship during your long term residential stay at Skyward Treatment.

bring your dogs and cats to our rehab

Get Rid of Your Opiate Addiction with our Opiate Rehabilitation Programs

The support provided by family and friends remains a critical part of long-term recovery from opiate addictions. However, having a full network of support from loved ones is not enough guarantee that the person can easily win over the fight against the fight within your opiate detox journey. This is when the need to choose a loving and focused opiate rehabilitation treatment center can help.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for opiate and opiate detox management has been proven to work effectively not just as a part of one’s rehab treatment plan wherein other forms of treatment are also being used. CBT is also known to work wonders even when used as a monotherapy in helping individuals overcome their negative impulses that make them prone to their opiate or substance cravings.

Opiate Detox Clinic with Trained Doctors and Psychiatrists

Relapse Prevention from opiate addictions is also an important part of clinical treatment wherein medications are used to reduce if not eliminate a person’s cravings for opiate or any illicit opiate substance. The goal of relapse prevention is to re-establish a person’s brain and make it more capable of functioning normally through our proven steps of opiate detox in our Sugar Land treatment center.

The fight against opiate and substance disorder is quite complicated but not impossible. It is important for one to choose which pathway to recovery will serve him best. There may be obstacles along the way, but such a fight can be won for as long as determination and perseverance are always kept intact.

dogs and cats helps with your heroin detox

Heroin Rehab Treatment Center Bring Your Dogs & Cats

Finding a suitable heroin treatment clinic can be a challenging task. There are several things to consider when seeking treatment for heroin abuse, misuse, or addiction. But with the help with Skyward Treatment, we help you consider the below with your heroin rehabilitation programs

  • You must consider whether an inpatient or outpatient service is the best fit for you.
  • You must factor in that state-run treatment facilities and programs are free of charge.
  • It would help if you looked for programs that utilize evidence-based treatment plans and strategies.

Heroin abuse can harm a person’s physical and psychological health. It can lead to drowsiness as well as slow breathing. Abusing drugs can also damage the cardiovascular system as well as the kidneys and liver. Aside from the physical and psychological effects of heroin abuse, it can also have an adverse impact on the person’s relationships, home, work-life, as well as mental well-being.

Pet Friendly Heroin Detox Center

Chronic heroin use results in various medical complications, including insomnia and constipation. Lung complications may also happen, including numerous types of pneumonia and tuberculosis. It may result in poor health for the user since heroin causes a depressing effect on respiration which is why using a fully staffed residential heroin detox facility at Skyward Treatment is crucial.

A majority of people experience mental disorders such as depression and antisocial tendencies. Men will often suffer sexual dysfunction, and for women, menstrual cycles become irregular. There are also specific consequences associated with the different routes of taking heroin. For example, people who snort the drug regularly can damage their mucosal membrane and perforate the nasal septum.

We understand the journey of detox from heroin can be difficult, which is why we encourage you to bring your best friends dogs or cats to help you with your journey towards heroin rehabilitation.

dogs and cats helps with your heroin detox
meth detox program therapy

Stop Your Meth Addiction Detox with our Meth Treatment Clinic

Meth dependence is a tricky issue to tackle, both for the afflicted individual and the people around him. Any sign of aggression or negativity can easily cause the patient to relapse during and after your Meth rehab treatment.

It’s a good thing there are gentler approaches to drug dependence that a patient can try at a meth rehab facility. These methods are better because they’re more sustainable and are proven to be good for healing. It should also be noted that these treatments must be applied as soon as possible because letting a drug dependence issue develop will make it worse and harder to remedy over time. One thing we are sure of is to bring your pet dog or cat to help you with your companionship.

The biggest hurdle to overcoming meth dependence is how to effectively detoxify the patient. It is the act of completely eliminating all traces of drugs and unwanted substances from the patient’s body with our meth detox treatment with your dogs and cats.

Meth Rehab Treatment Center with Your Pet Dogs & Cats

There is a gentle approach that tackles the issue on a mental and emotional level during your meth detox therapy journey. Numerous sessions help the patient modify their feelings, behaviors, reactions, and attitude toward drug use. This also aims to boost their life skills and encourage them to stick with medication and other treatment plans.

The best way towards a sober living life is to start your meth rehab and detox with our fully trained doctors and psychiatrists. And, bring your dogs and cats!

Inpatient Detox and Drug Alcohol Pills Rehab Treatment In Sugarland Texas


Taking the first step towards recovery can be emotionally and mentally draining. Representatives from Skyward Treatment Drug Rehabilitation IOP Center are available to support the process 24/7 to help individuals begin a healthy journey into recovery. We offer clients an opportunity to gain freedom from addiction and feel empowered in life.

The comprehensive, eclectic approach entails treatment of mind, body, and spirit:

•  Residential Inpatient Treatment Programs
•  Physician supervised residential detox program
•  12-step programs
•  Individual, family, and group psychotherapy
•  Expressive arts, guided meditation, and yoga
•  Implementation of healthy living habits
•  Drug Relapse prevention
•  Supportive aftercare program

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